Birthday Boy

My son King celebrated his 17th birthday on 24/1/13. It went well and he was rejoiced at the thought of growing into a young man full of hope and future ahead of him. We prayed into his life and wished the best for all his undertakings and a blessed long life. My prayers are GOD will shelter him forever and let His will only be done in his lifetime. I know GOD will answer my prayer because He is Rock with firm foundations.
We love you son and GOD bless you!

We prepared mutton curry, catfish spicy soup, steamed rice and mushroom with eggs and not forgetting getting 2 cheese cakes for the celebrant.
my son carrying his little nephew mahys

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One of my favourite comedy was The Jeffersons. I can't recall missing any episodes when I was still in my teen years. Sadly, both main stars have demised. Thanks for cheering me up and enjoying the real time comedy of yesteryear!

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