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my pastor preached on this ..and am in love with the lyrics..wow..listen on..


The craze..

Recently, I have noticed my husband with his latest craze..ICE CREAM..yes and it's wonderful because i share the same craze too. He has indulged in tasting different types of ice-creams with different brands..and the latest in his list is Cornetto Chocolate Royal..yummy. So each time he taste a new one, he's sweet enough to get one for me too..ooh..i just love him for doing that. Thanks!
Also love the Magnum brand which is rich creamy and sweet..i love him and ice-cream too...

yes it made me happy...


Peace among us!

i love swans. they give a complete picture of serenity & peace.
it is one of God's precious creations amongst many in this planet.
Let all the beauty and creations of our Lord be conserved and preserved for our eyes now and eyes of our future generations.

Am praying for world's peace and cleanliness. bringing about a more healthy style of living among us..the God's way...


Birthday Boy

My son King celebrated his 17th birthday on 24/1/13. It went well and he was rejoiced at the thought of growing into a young man full of hope and future ahead of him. We prayed into his life and wished the best for all his undertakings and a blessed long life. My prayers are GOD will shelter him forever and let His will only be done in his lifetime. I know GOD will answer my prayer because He is Rock with firm foundations.
We love you son and GOD bless you!

We prepared mutton curry, catfish spicy soup, steamed rice and mushroom with eggs and not forgetting getting 2 cheese cakes for the celebrant.
my son carrying his little nephew mahys

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