I was alone in the house. It was so windy outside like it was going to rain anytime. I felt peace. I grabbed the remote control and tuned HBO HD. For the second time, i sat to watch 'Message In a Bottle'. I love that movie. So heart warming and heart wrenching at the same time. I felt time well spent this afternoon, alone.


India's HERO

I was absolutely surprised to know there lived once a man who detested caste (besides M K Gandhi) among mankind and improved certain standard of living and styles in India more than 4 decades ago. His name was Erode Venkata Ramasamy @ Periyar.

Old is Gold!

yes, not forgetting Fresh Prince of bel Air kept me laughing away and I have to thank my hubby for that! Hmmm, i managed to watch the one term series of that comedy flicks on his lap top and was so entertained!


I was pre-occupied with a few inspiring and thought provoking movies last month of May. I was spending most of my times reading some books and watching movies simply because i was relaxing and on holidays!
My quiet hotel room besides chirping of birds and whirling sound of northern wind blowing in the mornings have so how encouraged me be more relaxed and in a peaceful solitude!

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