Let me see what i had for brunch and dinner this Sunday!



Hmmm...i woke up around 0800am. Did my ablutions and sat to read the Bible.
After some moments, i switched on my laptop to browse on local newspapers portals.
My husband woke around the same hour as myself, took his shower and dressed.

Both of us got into our car,and drove for an hour and a half to LCCT or Low Cost Courier Terminal,located in Sepang. After settling an issue, we drove back home. Along the way, we stopped to have lunch at a restaurant on Overhead Bridge Sg Buloh.
We ate rice,fried fish,spiced eggs, vegetables, along with ice tea and coke.

After that, we drove back home for another 20 minutes. Very quickly, both of us changed to our home dress and rest till day reached evening. My husband asked me to follow him to Brickfields to watch a friendly soccer match among locals and africans residing here. Then, i stopped by a stall to pack some spicy vegetarian 'nasi lemak' for dinner. It was very delicious.

My husband had egusi soup with suji food for dinner. Both us later drank ice tea and rest till we head to bed.

May the Angels from God's abode rest among us..

Kathys Comments

Kathys Comments

The world is undergoing wars from so many sectors, including human greed and evil doers.
May God save us from further destructions.


School Hols

Thasa,friends & nephews started off their school holidays at a theme park located in the city centre called Berjaya Times Square.
It was purely fun,food and more fun for them.

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