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I found something soothing to my heart today. God have been lovely to me each single moment in my life even this moment. All infinite glory unto HIM who is seated in heavenly realm of this universe. I stumbled upon a talented singer and radical Christ lover.KEITH GREEN...God be with him and thank you dear Keith...enjoy some songs from him....
"It's time to quit playing church and start being the Church (Matt. 18:20)" — Keith Green, as quoted by Melody Green in the introduction to A Cry in the Wilderness, Sparrow Press, 1993.



God gave me hope..

There's a mighty devastation around the world like debt crisis,natural disasters like the most recent in India which have killed a number of souls,accidents and misfortunes but in all we still hope in our hearts that GOD is in control. He knows. and our prayers especially one of my husband's favorite which always gives me strength and keeps me alive is..its not going to be our portion.Be positive in the Lord. I thank God for my husband and we love you Jesus. Let's offer our prayers to all perished and may God touch many to live on....

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Creative Woman Conference Promos!

es, i came across some challenging,creative and beautiful promo videos of woman conference around the world from past months and years. Just clik and live through some messages for ladies!
God be with us through all seasons..:)


Saint of God

I consider myself very fortunate to come across St Bernadette. I scarcely read about her last year and watched a movie done about her in you tube which brought me to utter tears. As God have blessed her soul and thought mankind to give glory onto the Most High God.

Franz Werfel's book, "The Song of Bernadette," which brought her to the attention of many in the world who had not heard of her. He was a Jew who wrote the book in fulfillment of a promise to Our Lady. In it was the inscription, "To those who believe, no explanation is necessary; to those who do not believe, no explanation is possible."

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