Daughters of Zion

MICF, my main church held its monthly gathering at Ipoh Road yesterday evening. The highlight of the gathering was 'Making of Chin-chin', a Nigerian snack. Besides praising and worship, the sisters in the Lord had a fantastic time learning a new snack recipe too by Sister Sylvia Uche. I, personally shared a poem by a fellow blogger "Encouragement from my Heart" by Lorie Yocum titled ' When women gather' as it redeemed appropriate. Thank you Mdm Yocum as we are highly blessed by it.

Recipe : Chin Chin snack

2kg wheat flour, 18tbs evaporated milk
7tbs Castor sugar, 2cups water
1tbs baking ,250gm butter
9 eggs , 1pck oil


Sift flour and baking powder, then add sugar. Mix well.
Add butter and work well till resembles bread crumbs.
Break eggs in another bowl and add evaporated milk together.
Then, make a well at the mixed flour and pour in the mixed eggs and milk.
Slowly work on the mixture until it becomes dough.
Knead the dough well till it becomes soft.
Place a damp towel on it to prevent dryness for about 0.5 hours.
Divide the dough into 5 portions and roll each portion flat on floured surface.
Cut the flatten dough into thin long strips i.e 3mm thickness.
Using a scissors, cut the thin strips into smaller pieces onto a tray.
Use floor to avoid cut pieces sticking together.
Heat oil, and fry the pieces till golden brown.
Serve cool.

God bless you as you say grace and enjoy the snack.


Home Alone

Hmm..thank God for Sunday! I woke up as usual at 6am. Read my bible,did my ablution and drove to church. And as i drove out, rain started pouring cats and dogs..am missing my bed and my hubby. The rain was spectacular..wow. Church over at 1pm.Drove to mom's place and spent the afternoon playing with my niece till 3pm and as she left, I decided to head straight back home. Then, this feeling again...am home alone! yes again as Joe has gone back to his work far away. Am missing him but life goes on for now.
So, i decided to watch TV and the best i can remote to is this romantic comedy called 'When In Rome'..yes it was nice. A good 1.5 hours of watch and feeling as I munched few cracker biscuits.

Happy Sunday all.

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